Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-27

Posted on November 12, 2012

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-27 is one tricky level. I was stuck at 1 star for this level for some time until I tried some crazy, fast and furious moves with the boost bottles and the umbrellas.

Its very difficult to make it 3-stars in Ground Hog Day 1-27 with 1 vehicle.

I usually make it 3 stars in 2 tries: first vehicles allow the pig to get the map but very careful not to destroy the vehicle (anti-krap snap) because it’s the 2nd objective. Then on the 2nd try I do to meet the required time (07:00).

But with the video below from our friends at AngryBirdsNest and Youtube, you will know the meaning of Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-27 buzzer beater attack :)

Again video courtesy of Youtube and AngryBirdsNest

Hope you like the Bad Piggies cheat for Ground Hog Day 1-27. Have Fun with the bad piggies ok?

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-26

Posted on November 11, 2012

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-26 is another hard level. But if you have creativity you can get 3 stars with Ground Hog Day 1-26 with just one Bad Piggies vehicle.

Yes! creativity is the key, just try to put the wheels and the frame in creative positions so that you can meet all objectives (have pig get the flag, get the starred box and meet the minimum 11:00 time)

Watch this Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-26 video courtesy of and website

Hope you liked our Bad Piggies cheats for Ground Hog Day 1-26. Visit our Bad Piggies Cheats fan blog, we will try to feature more tips for Bad Piggies hard levels.

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-24

Posted on November 10, 2012

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-24 is one of the challenging Bad Piggies levels for us. It is really hard to get 3 stars in Ground Hog Day 1-24 with just 1 try. We believe that maybe its time we heed the official Bad Piggies Cheats/Tip #1 shared by Rovio:

Tip #1: Create several vehicles to collect all three stars

We need to create multiple vehicles!!! First try to meet the 2 objectives first, have pig get the flag and meet the required time (22:00), then another vehicle to get the starred box.

Watch this Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-24 video courtesy of and AngryBirdsNest.

Hope you like our Bad Piggies cheats for Ground Hog Day 1-24

Official Rovio Top Five Tips For Bad Piggies

Posted on October 30, 2012

Rovio have published their official Top 5 Tips for Bad Piggies. Quoting the Rovio Blog:

Tip #1: Create several vehicles to collect all three stars

There are several objectives for each level, and you don’t have to get all three at once. For example: you could create one vehicle for maximum speed, and another that collects all the boxes.

Tip #2: Tap objects to rotate them

Tap directly on objects to rotate them — perfect for precise steering!
Tip #3: Use the mechanic pig if you’re stuck on a tricky level

Can’t figure out how to get past a tricky level? Use the mechanic pig to build a vehicle for you! But you still need to use your skill to steer it to the finish line — and you might need to tweak it a bit to get all three stars.

Tip #4: – Unleash your creativity!

Picture courtesy of our fan Vladimir.

What’s the craziest machine you can make? Bad Piggies is all about trying (and failing), and coming up with best vehicles ever! For the most creative and open-ended options, check out the sandboxes.

Tip #5: Play around in the sandbox
Use the sandbox as the ultimate place to experiment and create amazing machines. The more you play, the more objects you unlock to use in the sandbox. And the more objects you unlock, the more options you have — until the possibilities are practically endless!


All images credits goes to
For other details, kindly visit this Rovio blog post.

Beware of Fake Bad Piggies App

Posted on October 17, 2012

We were reading some Bad Piggies news when we came up with this information. Some Fake Bad Piggies apps are out there doing malicious stuff. So fellow Bad Piggies fans be careful OK? Download only from official Rovio, Apple Store, Google Play Store and other legit download sites ok?

Antivirus company Trend Micro warned of some malicious Android .APK file that they have uncovered in their research and they detect it as ANDROIDOS_FAKEINST.A. The said app masquerades as a legitimate Bad Piggies game and was found in some Russian website.

From their Security Intelligence blog:

It’s a pig-eat-pig world out there – at least on the mobile app threat front. Right after reports of malicious Bad Piggies on Google Chrome Web Store circulated, we found that certain developers also released their own, albeit rogue versions of the said gaming app.

On the heels of Bad Piggies‘ launch last month, we saw rogue versions of the game on specific web pages hosted on Russian domains. However, these versions are not affiliated at all with the game. Based on our analysis, these apps are verified as malicious, specifically premium service abusers, which send SMS messages without user consent and leaves users with unnecessary charges.

Slicing Through Malicious Bad Piggies Version

During our research, we used the keyword “Bad Piggies” and encountered 48 Russian domains. Among these sites is piggies-{BLOCKED}, which appears as an app download page.

Image Credit:

The said site offers the said app on different platforms. Instead of the actual Bad Piggies app, users instead download a malicious .APK file detected as ANDROIDOS_FAKEINST.A. Once installed, it creates a shortcut on the device’s homepage and sends SMS messages to specific numbers. As mentioned, these messages are sent without user consent and may cost users to pay extra for something they didn’t authorize.

Read more from Security Intelligence blogsite:

IGN’s Bad Piggies Review: Brilliant and Ridiculously Good Value

Posted on October 14, 2012

Hurrah!!! IGN gave a great review for the Bad Piggies game!

Image Credit:

Quoting their recent post:

Bad Piggies’ open-ended puzzle designs are absolutely brilliant. At the start of each stage you’re shown the level layout, given a collection of parts and then sent on your way. It’s up to you to invent a solution to each puzzle – there isn’t necessarily one right answer Rovio is forcing players to stumble upon.

Luckily the game’s impeccable design and excellent learning curve ensure that most players won’t remain stuck for long. You’ll start by constructing simple boxes with wheels that just need to roll downhill. By the end you’ll be constructing multi-stage rockets powered by soda bottles, helicopters adorned with helium balloons & counter-weights and plenty more genuinely elaborate constructions. The game even taught me the very basic fundamentals of airplane design.

Image Credit: wikimedia commons

At the end of the review:

Bad Piggies is a ridiculously good value for its $0.99 – $2.99 asking price. Each of the 72 stages have three stars to collect, but this time around each star is its own unique challenge, further adding to the game’s depth and replay value. One star might require not using a critical vehicle part, while another requires players to make it through the stage within a tight time limit. It makes each level a collection of three distinct challenges, forcing gamers to have complete mastery over the game’s vehicle physics.

Read the full IGN Bad piggies review in:

Bad Piggies Gameplay Video

Posted on October 12, 2012

Bad Piggies rule here!

Unlike previous Rovio games in the Angry Birds series, the Bad Piggies are in control of this game and not the Angry Birds.

The gameplay requires building transport devices that can travel and find pieces of a map to find the Angry Birds’ eggs. Travelling involves use of land and air so this need a lot of planning and strategizing (not like the usual sling and release of the Angry Birds).

Here is the official Bad Piggies Gameplay video released before the launch last month.

Video courtesy of and Youtube.

Bad Piggies Say Hello World

Posted on October 02, 2012

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Posted on October 01, 2012

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